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We are a multi-focus research group from the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science of the University of Chile. We study biochemical and biophysical aspects related to protein structure and conformational changes, with a special focus in amyloid formation by natural or synthetic peptides. We also study the bacterial cell division and its regulation by nutritional conditions, the genetics behind the production of antimicrobial peptides synthesized by bacteria and the biochemistry of their toxic activity. Additionally, we study host-pathogen interactions with a special focus in the emergent pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae, as well as antibiotic resistance and horizontal gene transfer among enteric bacteria. Besides, we study the antitumorigenic properties of bacteria-derived peptides.


We apologize for the sections that are not yet available. This web site is still under construction.

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Bacterial and synthetic amyloids

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Antimicrobials production and resistance

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Pathogenesis & genomics of Klebsiella pneumoniae and other enterobacteria

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Bacterial cell division

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Microbial antitumorals

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